favourite attires: 86/ 

favourite attires: 85/∞ 

I miss her so bad

favourite attires: 85/ 

I miss her so bad


Imagine this animated, lol. 


Marvel Vs. Capcom pt. 2

you got these from the emu flashwing site, right?

The Ultimate Warrior

I can’t believe in what I just heard

The Ultimate Warrior is dead, right just after he got inducted into the Hall of fame

and just after he gave his final address to the fans this Monday.

fate can be so cruel

but lets us all never forget this Ultimate Legend, let us never forget this Ultimate Warrior

R.I.P James Hellwig, the one true Ultimate Warrior

Wrestlemania 30

Man, I just can not believe what happen

It was Funny seeing Triple H doing a cosplay of Shao Khan

my reaction to when Daniel Bryan won the gold

my Reaction to see Cena wining Again

but now the biggest shock of my life

to see the Undertaker lose,

to see the Streak end


Some Slayers stuff




Yes and no.

If they’re going to do another season like Revolution and Evo-R, no. I felt happy to see Slayers after so many years, but I have the impression that it was only made to take money out of the fans. The story was bad, resurrecting Rezo again was unnecessary and BORING, there wasn’t…

I agree…

I wouldn’t be as object to Rezzo’s re-emergence if it actually had some long-term effect on the characters.  For example, if Zelgadis had gotten some kind of clue about how to get his humanity back, or alternately came to the conclusion that he no longer desires to do so.  It ended in the same exact place as it started out.

Same deal with other sub-plots like Lina/Gourry as a couple, or Amelia reuniting with her sister.  Naga’s there… but only the audience knows that it’s her, and nothing actually happens as a result.  Just some fan-trolling.  

The season was fun to watch for its humor as always, but otherwise lends very little to the Slayers-verse. 

Totally agree. I think most of the fans have the same impresions about the recent anime seasons

well, I like Evolution r and the Zuuma plot
but if they make another season I hope it will be with Luke and Millina and the add the hourglass manga on that season